Summer Camp 2021

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Craft & Code

Age: 6 – 9
2 weeks (*6 hrs week)  |  Hands-On Kits Delivered to your Home

Coding can be fun any week of the year with Microsoft MakeCode and BBC Micro:bit, added to that when it’s offered by 

What students learn?

  • Algorithms and the basics of programming.
  • Electronic signals and control digital outputs to change LED colors
  • The concept of variables and data types
  • IF-ELSE statements
  • … and a lot of fun, creativity and digital literacy.

Coding Camp

Age: 10 – 13
2 weeks (*6 hrs week)  |  Hands-On Kits Delivered to your Home

Celebrate your summer by flying, flipping, curving, and creating your own drone missions that encompass science, technology, math, and engineering!

What Students Learn?

  • Drone Technology & UAV
  • Go from simple to advanced block coding.
  • Understand and implement more complex coding functions such as loops, variables, and logic;
  • Using the Drone Simulator to fly through obstacle courses and create shapes and patterns with the simulator trail;
  • Troubleshoot common coding software challenges.
  • Using the Drone Simulation of blank canvas for programming autonomous flight, we provide in-depth training through all aspects of responsible drone use. Covering safety, regulations, and the real-world applications of drone technology.

STEM Engineer

Age: 14+ 
2 weeks (*6 hrs week)  |  Hands-On Kits Delivered to your Home

Join our intensive Summer Camp Program to learn:

  • Internet of Things
  • Machine Learning
  • AR / VR Game Dev.
  • Drone Simulation

Participants of our this workshop are eligible to participate in our Summer Champ Competition

A look into the future-blockchain

Age: 14+  |  2 weeks (*7.5 hrs week)

BlockChain Technology Summer Camp for High School Students

This K-12 – Blockchain Technology Program of 15-hours with 5 sessions of online program provides effective opportunities to understand and apply all aspects of blockchain.

George Levy

Founder and Chief Learning Officer at Blockchain Institute of Technology® (BIT) from USA a leading professional training and certification organization focused on blockchain technology and cryptocurrency will be conducting one live session for every batch and the remaining 4 sessions will be conducted by STEMClouds Training team.

Introduction to Blockchain

This introductory course from the Emerging Technologies Academy (ETA) (powered by blocksEDU) and certified by the Foundational Technologies Institute) provides a foundation for understanding the emerging technology of Blockchain.

 Introduction to Blockchain Networks and Platforms

This module is designed to provide you with a foundational background and understanding of Blockchain Networks and Platforms.

 The Future of Blockchain: Challenges and Opportunities

This course is designed to provide you with a foundational background and understanding of the future of the emerging technology called Blockchain.

Python Programming

Age: 10+  |  2 weeks (*6 hrs week)

Coding skills are among the most in-demand in today’s job market. Get your real-world experience with this introduction to computational thinking!

Once you have the basics down, go further to see how your coding knowledge applies to algorithms, cryptography,
and even machine learning. You will start with logic games and Python—the fastest growing programming language available—then move into object-oriented concepts.

As your understanding of coding deepens, explore creating more advanced programs that help you understand simple neural networks, or even computer security. With these fundamentals, you will be equipped to tackle whatever coding challenges you face next!

What Students Learn?

  • Introduction to Programming Languages
  • Syntax of Python
  • Programming
    Using Python Libraries, Variables and Functions
  • Nested conditional programming and Loops
  • Gain computational thinking skills

Improved Student Engagement

Hands-On Learning

At we focus on hands-on learning with our advanced web technology integrated platform to bring the virtual learning to be student centered.

All Integrated Platform

STEMClouds is first of it's kind with a zoom, lms integrated within the platform allowing students and trainers to have hassle free interaction.

Parents don't need to be a tech experts

Once the student enrolled into our program, our integrated platform with the help of trainer will be able to retain the participant attentiveness hence not every kid have to be dependent on parents to engage in our workshops.

Less Screen Time and More Focus on the Real World

Our Virtual Hands-On Learning Platform is built to offer real life learning approach than keeping students on screen on all the time.

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